House Gilian

House Gilian is a moderately influential and powerful Halfling house in Zorathian . Commonly their patron, Tobias Gilian, is known for dealing in mercantile goods and the occasional exotic treasure. Under the table however, he is known for acquiring lost golds, forgotten relics, missing treasures with such passion that nothing will keep them from him, not even the law.

The estate Gilian stands in one of the island districts of the bustling trade metropolis of Gildar’s Heart. Like most of the nobleman’s miniature cities, it can only be reached by taking a Gilian gondola through the extensive waterways of the fractured city, a common colloquial is “Your heart is as crooked as Gildar’s!” The Gilian estate stands on its own patch of land, covering enough distance to be considered a hamlet by its own right. Full servant’s quarters, a “barracks” for the “friends” of the family, Tobias’s many collections of antiquity and a full dance hall with all the exuberance one can expect from Halfling nobility.

Tobias Gilian is a very well looking Halfling, standing 3’8’’ with trimmed blond hair and mustache at the wonderful age of about 30. His manner of speaking can go from intense to carefree at the drop of a hat, and so can his patience. His clothes vary from day to day in different states of false-regality, assortments of lavish hues and gems plinked across his appearance. A fragrance of wine and cheese fills the room with him in it, metaphorically and literally. The thrill of a good adventure always excites him and sends him into a fury, only when he has nothing to do with the actual adventuring.

Joran Gilian is the only heir to the House Gilian, and in his father’s eyes he’ll leave it to the dogs. Jondas is considered a screw up and a fool, only given small assignments on the rare occasion which he still manages to find ways to ruin. He loves the song and the drink, and most of his father’s image of him isn’t exactly wrong, but Jondas has some skill in lute. His looks back up his playing, though he’s liable to become distracted quite easily.

Gwenda Gilian is the beloved jewel of the Gilian estate. A supposedly remarkable example of Halfling women, she hasn’t been seen in weeks. Tobias states she is just a tad ill, but rumors are abound as to what could be the cause.

Quintis Graboli serves as the Gilian head curator for Tobias’s many historical and archeological treasures. A proud man can easily look as one so arrogant, and with Quintis the line is hard to draw. Tobias’s collection is, in his mind, as much his as it is his masters. His knowledge regarding the various pieces is exquisite, even considering the few Wasteland relics which no one knows much other than speculation.

House Gilian

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