Aessina. A land that is no stranger to conflict and turmoil. Legend says that a thousand years ago, the world was mighty and great. The Feykind of the Wood held claim over all the earth, nurturing the life force of the planet. The Elves of the Unending Jungle held life as the highest of all values, seeing to all beings that called Aessina home. And the realm of Man guided the way of spirits, as they are mortal, with their lives recycling the natural order of the world. Lost in the history, something happened. A war, maybe, a cataclysm or maybe a stalled Apocalypse, no one alive knows and has told. All that is known is the world was torn from it’s normalcy. The Unending Jungle was ripped into the sea, the Mountain ranges surrounding the low-lands ruptured and sprang high, blocking passage. And in the center of Aessina, by some strange magical disaster, the Wasteland was created. A sprawling, nigh unending expanse of chaos and nothingness, the Wasteland stands a reminder to the world. A scar that may never heal. Horrific beasts claw at it’s borders, archaic creatures rise from the sea, and the nations were left scattered and broken.

A thousand years have passed since that day, and the nations of the world try to heal their wounds still. The Fey felt this blow the hardest, the earth itself being torn from their grasp, and have isolated themselves at the far reaches of the Fey Wood. The Elves scorn Man, isolating themselves and bang the drums of war. Mankind has tried to band together in unity, establishing a Council of all the remaining nations. The proud and true Dundarans of the Wood, the free Tasavaltans, and the wealthy Zorathian Confederacy. With the aid of the Dwarven Guilds and the mystical power of the Orcus Pact aiding this Council, they stand to try and heal the world of the damage done in the past. You have known this to be true, from where ever you hail, from what ever walk of life you chose, you have a role to play.